OdishaLIVE Bureau

The first showers hit the smart city Bhubaneswar making the environment cool and pleasant for the people to prepare for traditional Raja festival which is falling at beginning of the coming week.

Survibration, a leading cultural org of the state, founded by known singer Dr. Jayashree Dhal is all set to create the traditional and homely atmosphere of Raja at the programme ‘Sajare Sajare Raja’ timed at 6pm on 12th June at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar. 

OdishaLIVE is the exclusive digital media partner for the event.

Raja, associated with the agrarian culture is mainly observed by the young girls and women in families, largely covering the coastal part of Odisha. During the festival girls and women folks play in the traditional swing called ‘Doli’, have a variety of traditional pancakes called ‘Pitha’ and enjoy the special ‘Raja Pana’, the betel feast with a bunch of sweet masala. Traditional sports like Bagudi or Kabadi is being played by young girls and boys across village and community.

“Now a days we are living in the city and away from our root and communities. We are unable to observe the traditions and rituals which were an integral part of our life and culture, earlier. Thus our sincere endeavour is to bring the same feelings and flavour to the people here through Sajare Sajare Raja, a programme mixed with music, dance and a lot of fun”, says Jayashree Dhal, the founder of Survibration. 

She invites all to catch ‘Sajare Sajare Raja’ and be a part of the enchanting event. “Entry is free, so all are welcome”, she adds.

“Being the Digital Media Partner of the event OdishaLIVE plans to capture the engaging mood and activities at the prog. The videos will be posted online after the prog for the larger global audience on web and social media”, informs Nilambar Rath, Founder Editor and CEO, OdishaLIVE. He advises the online media goers to track the HD content at different web and social channels of OdishaLIVE including www.youtube.com/odishalive and www.odisha.live.