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The exhibition titled “Orissa – The Land of Jagannath” is on view at The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow.

The selection of works on display features decorative and applied art and ritual art from India. The exhibition is focused on the deity Lord Jagannath who is revered as the incarnation of Vishnu and has a history that can be traced nine centuries back.

The temple of Jagannath situated in Orissa is a major pilgrimage point and artisans and artists settled around the temple created altar statues, temple veils, and icons for many years. The exhibit contains a collection of twenty-one icons (pata-chitra), as well as other works of Orissian art of the last century. “Orissa – The Land of Jagannath” is being organized in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of India’s independence.

The State Museum of Oriental Art was founded on October 30, 1918.It houses a collection from different regions of the globe such as the art of the Far and the Middle East as well as Central Asia, the Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Kazakhstan, Buryatia, Chukotka among others.

The museum has a collection of painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative and applied art of Japan, China, Korea, Iran, India, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia and many other countries. The State Museum of Oriental Art is also involved in recording, storage and restoration of works of art and material culture, scientific, educational, and editorial-publishing activities that propagate the cultural heritage of Asia and Africa.

“Orissa – The Land of Jagannath” runs from August 11 through September 3, 2017 at The State Museum of Oriental Art, Nikitsky Blvd, 12А, Moskva, Russia, 119019.



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