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Excerpts from OdishaLIVE exclusive interview of Jagadananda, Co-Founder, CYSD and Convenor, Odisha Vikash Conclave.

Odisha Vikash Conclave 2018 was held at Bhubaneswar from 24th to 26th August at 19 different locations across the smart city. The marquee event held a central theme of deliberating on challenges, opportunities & way forward in the development of Odisha along with 19 tracks of discussion. The outcome of the said discussions would be presented to the Government ensuring the grassroots level voices are heard by the policy makers.

There are many challenges ahead for the development of Odisha. To come forward with a solid plan of action towards solving the said issues is the main aim of Odisha Vikash Conclave 2018 (OVC). “All the stakeholders are coming together on a common platform to create a roadmap towards the development of Odisha” said Jagadananda, CYSD Co-Founder and Convenor of Odisha Vikash Conclave.

The second edition of Odisha Vikash Conclave took place over three days in Bhubaneswar. Nine states, sixty-five civil society organisations and 2670 volunteers came forward to deliberate on the possible roadmap during the course of this three-day event. Key representatives of central and state governments including minsters and bureaucrats attended the three-day event.

Development of Odisha is unthinkable without the involvement of the state government. To take the conclusion and possible roadmap of the development of the state in front of the state govt. officials and representatives is the main aim of the conclave reiterates Jagadananda.

The problems faced by people in their daily life are best known to the common people and the grassroot level functionaries. Without taking the grassroots level opinion, no development policy can achieve the intended result. To take the voice from the lowest levels of society to the utmost level of policy making and governance is the sole aim of Odisha Vikash Conclave, informs the convenor Jagadananda.

Educational institutions are a prime source of national development. Apart from providing quality education to the future citizens, what other roles can the universities and educational institutions play? was an important point of discussion at the three-day meeting of minds, sums up Jagadananda.