OdishaLIVE Bureau

Time was there when we solely depended on yellow pages and official directories for all kinds of information – be it business, education, health or even sundry things. With the onset of internet and mobile telephony, dependence on yellow pages and directories has come down. Yet they have their relevance even today.

When it comes to information bank in Odisha, Vigyanpan has been committing itself ever since its first directory hit the stands in 2002. Vigyanpan is not only a repository of information, it also is an ‘innovative media house’. Started by the trio – Manoj Prusty, Kamalakanta Mohanty and Rashmita Mohapatra – Vigyanpan has over the years carved a niche for itself.

Says Rashmita Mohapatra one of the minds behind Vigyanpan, “with a handful but devoted workers and investigators and very little finance, the struggle to achieve the goal as well as for survival went on. The total focus was on Odisha only.”

Today Vigyanpan has a host of publications to its credit: a Career Guide, an industrial directory, an index on Odisha’s politicians, a health guide, a mirror on banks & financial institutions of Odisha, Fragrance of Odisha and Auto Glamour.

After the successful publication of the above directories, Vigyanpan is also planning to bring out a directory on agriculture in Odisha. This will be all about farming, sericulture, pisciculture, animal husbandry and horticulture. Vigyanpan is the first house to hit upon the idea of a directory on agri- related activites in the state.

‘Our publications are unique in the sense that they provide comprehensive information on the related subject field’, quips Dilip Mishra journalist-turned media administrator. Vigyanpan’s publications have been helpful to career seekers, Job seekers, entrepreneurs and the common man alike.

Vigyanpan’s sister concern Maruti Media publishes a monthly multicolored bilingual news-feature magazine ‘Gateway Odisha’. Vigyanpan has its own printing establishment -Maruti Printech Industry which is a  reputed printing press catering to the various publication needs of institutions.

Updated regularly and moderately priced, Vigyanpan’s information directories are much in demand by the public. Given the fact that the information is scattered all over, these publications help one to get pin-pointed information with great ease.

What started as a tiny information desk has now turned into a mammoth publication house and it couldn’t have possible without the ‘tenacity, effort and public relationship’ for which Vigyanpan is well-known.