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 Congress President Rahul Gandhi has alleged the Government for manipulating facts and sources to save PM Narendra Modi 

A day after Attorney General K.K. Venugopal told the Supreme Court that the  official documents of Rafale are ‘Stolen’ from the Government Office, Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi took a dig, saying in a press conference that like employment for 2 crore youths, benefits to farmers, assurance of Rs.15 lakhs to every bank account holders, the Official Rafale documents have also disappeared.

Rahul Gandhi alleged that institutions were manipulated to save Narendra Modi inspite of clear mention of ‘parallel negotiations’ in the report which was published exclusively by an Indian National daily.

He also mentioned  that Prime Minister has performed “Bypass Surgery” in the Rafale negotiations. “Investigate everybody, including the Prime Minister as well in Rafale Deal” he said.

With 2019 LS polls within 2 month, Gandhi clearly targetted NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi  and hit back at him for calling poster boy. “It is he who is poster boy of pakistan, not us. PM Modi got ISI to probe in Pathankot attack. He invited the then Pak PM Nawaz Sharif for hi swearing in” he added.

Speaking on the authencticity of the papers Rahul said that false documents will never be stolen, hence the documents are true and correct and we want court to give justice to everybody. During the press conference he also targetted Manohar Parrikar and Anil Ambani related with the Rafale Scam.

When asked whether the Official Secrets Act be scrapped he replied, “I don’t know whether OSA should be scrapped or not because it is a technical question but The Hindu has clearly mentioned that PMO is involved in the Rafale Scam and the national daily is being punished for being brave.”