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Women’s health and breast cancer awareness run ‘Pinkathon’ in Bhubaneswar

To popularize fitness as a lifestyle and have healthy women at all households, smart city Bhubaneswar witnessed the Pinkathon run on 21st October. The 5-km run featured more than 150 women participants and volunteers. Pinkathon Ambassador Mousumee Mishra flagged off the run along with fellow ambassadors Indira Priyadarshini and Biswanath. Olympian Anuradha Biswal also participated to cheer up the runners.

Pinkathon Women health awareness run in Bhubaneswar

“Pinkathon was started to encourage women with no previous experience of running to take their first steps towards a fitter lifestyle for themselves and their families” said Milind Soman about Pinkathon. “Running has made me mentally and physically strong and has helped me to develop a mindset that can take on any situation in my life, no matter how challenging”, said Milind.

milind soman Founder, Pinkathon Pinkathon Women health awareness run in Bhubaneswar
Milind Soman – Founder, Pinkathon

Purpose of the run

Using Community Running as a tool, Pinkathon wants to empower and enable thousands of women across India to bring positive physical change into their lives. The Pinkathon route was from KIIT square up to Sailashree Vihar Road (2.5km) and back to KIIT square. The finishers were provided with medals and e-certificates.

Pinkathon Women health awareness run in Bhubaneswar
Women runners at Pinkathon in Bhubaneswar

The Pinkathon Run

Pinkathon is a Women’s run founded by actor and fitness promotor Milind Soman and Reema Sanghavi. Pinkathon was created with the objective of spreading awareness about women’s health issues like breast cancer. Pinkathon encourages women to adopt health and fitness in their daily lifestyles by means of running.

On avoiding diseases like Breast Cancer, Milind advises “Adopting a healthy lifestyle, which means sleeping at the right time, choosing the right food, regular exercise and positive, disciplined mindset will not only reduce the risk of physical, mental and emotional disease, but also make it easier to deal with any kind of sickness.”

Pinkathon Women health awareness run in Bhubaneswar
Olympian Anuradha Biswal at Pinkathon Bhubaneswar

The Pinkathon, organized by the United Sisters Foundation is conceived as more than just a running event. On this day, more than 11,000 women across 5 countries and 63 cities participated in a 5 kms run to showcase their solidarity towards the cause.

Lastly, on the promotion of Pinkathon in Bhubaneswar, the Pinkathon Founder remarked “Pinkathon’s association with Bhubaneshwar is through the Pinkathon Ambassadors in Bhubaneshwar who are making an amazing effort of spreading the message and building the community.”