By Rutuparna Mohanty

(Rutuparna is a noted social activist from Odisha)

“I appreciate the Supreme Court judgment in Nirbhaya case since this ghastly incident took place in the national capital and there was irresistible public pressure to bring the culprits to book. 

“But we have hundreds of Nirbhayas and cases against the perpetrators are pending in various courts of the country. Because of lacunae in the judicial system and lengthy process of hearing, many victims are still awaiting justice from the courts. 

“Justice delayed is justice denied goes the proverb. Impact of the Nirbhaya judgment will not be felt unless the government creates a mechanism for speedy trial of rape cases.

“I am for the PPP mode of action – prevention, protection and prosecution. A strong and non-corruptible enforcement agency and a   responsive judiciary only can put an end to cases like that of Nirbhaya.”