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The world’s biggest populace in India and USA were ravaged by floods recently. Hurricane Harvey in Gulf Coast, USA and the rainy waters at Bihar, UP, Bengal, Assam and other areas of India caused widespread mayhem.
In both the countries, millions were left stranded along with their, friends, relatives, children and pets. The rains lashed the cities with brute force and once again man was left helpless at the fury of nature unfolding in front his eyes. Left without Basic amenities of Food, Cloth, Shelter, Potable drinking water among others, the people were left physically and psychologically vulnerable.
In times of such misery, the most affected are Women, Children, sick and the elderly. Medicines and care for the persons becomes important. Humanitarian assistance coming their way is far less and sometimes uncertain. The problem of hygiene and sanitation begins to creep in as a side effect. There is a threat to security of the vulnerable and displaced groups which often culminates into trafficking. Questions arise on the education of the children as schools and other institutions are closed down.
To put blame on the authorities and planning bodies is what everyone does in such chaotic situations but a few good men chose to try and help those in need. The first to respond in such situations are the neighbours, local and civil society groups, volunteer organisations, religious groups and the local and state government. The good Samaritans helped a lot of persons get to safety. All communities came together to support their fellow beings in time of need.
We saw citizens, police and response teams and even corporate employees and film stars come out in support and assistance of the fellow beings. Though the damage is already done but the spirit of resurgence was evident in the people when they chose to resume their lives after the havoc.
Schools were turned into relief centres and civic body workers worked in tandem to rid the cities of sludge, garbage and silt in order to carry out the relief efforts efficiently. Finally we can say that amidst the disaster, it was humanity which won and we hope to see such good spirit in people to remain for days to come.


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