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A Startup in Odisha that offers unique solution to people to handle the last rites and all rituals during death of any member of the family and friends.

The loss of a person is a burden too heavy for the soul and the death of a beloved leaves our mind numb and body ineffective. Making arrangements for the last rites of the deceased one becomes a difficult task as you fail to comprehend your surroundings.

With empathy for grieving families in mind, Plaban Mohapatra an Odia NRI based in the US started this novel venture of helping distraught family members in their hardest of time. Swargadwara.com is a platform started by Mohapatra and team which operates in the twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack facilitating the last rites of a person.

“After being in a reputed IT company for more than a decade, I came back to my birthplace Jatni, Odisha with a thought to help my people in some way or the other and what better than rendering a service to people in their most trying moments” says Plaban to OdishaLIVE.

Swargadwara.com is a Bhubaneswar based startup that deals in providing post mortal services. They offer various package plans from the first day till the 13th or final rituals day of the person. “We offer services like hearse van, Kokei, Karma Saamagri, asthi handi, sikaa, flowers, priest, bramhan bhoj etc. For individual services one can contact us and get special prices on call adds Mr. Mohapatra.

So far the group has serviced over 51 requests and a lot more distress calls. “The flight was delayed quite a bit as we waited for the body to arrive but not once did the swargadwara people show signs of anxiety rather they waited with us patiently. It was commendable of them to have supported us in our time of grief” says a family member who availed their service.

“We are currently operating in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar area while we hope to extend our services to nearby towns and states. We aim to provide a caring and supportive service to people of all religions during the funeral proceedings of their loved ones” concludes Plaban.

ଜୀବନର ‘ଶେଷଯାତ୍ରା’ର ସାଥୀ ସ୍ୱର୍ଗଦ୍ୱାର ଡଟ୍‌‌କମ୍‌‍