Jhumki Rath is a known voice in Odisha music world. OdishaLIVE probed into her idea and engagement with the art as a part of the series ‘Music in My Life’

Why and How did you enter in to the World of Music?

Music runs in my family. My father was an ardent lover of music and was instrumental in my mother getting trained in Hindustani vocal. I followed my mother’s footsteps and learnt many nuances of music hearing her sing and learn.

How do you explain the Impact of Music in your Life?

Music is the essence of my being. Even after years, when people meet me they enquire about my music. Being a singer is an essential and inseparable part of my identity.

What is your to make Music more Popular among the new generation media and audience? What role you can play in that?

Music is the most popular art form in society. National and international TV has raised the bar for music  in the society. As singers, we have to be quality conscious to be able to thrive.

Albums of Jhumki Rath:
Sanja Deepa: Music by Laxmikant Palit. Lyrics by Debasis Panigrahi
Jibana Jajnya: Music by Sanjaya
Bhakti Arghya: Music Om Prakash Mohanty. Lyrics by Debasis Panigrahi, Debidutta Mohanty, Arun Mantri and Bijay Malla
Sraddha Saburi: Music by Krusna Ch. Ray. Lyrics by Debasis Panigrahi
Tora Dayaara Anta Nahin: Music and lyrics by Prafulla Kar
Shiridi Bihari Sai: Music by Bikas Das. Lyrics by Debasis Panigrahi
Kichhi Swapna: Music by Premanand. Lyrics by Debidutta Mohanty, Mohit Chakraborty, Debasis Panigrahi