OdishaLIVE Bureau

Dr. Rabindra Kumar Jena, Professor and Head, Clinical Hematology Dept. of S.C.B Medical College has been elected as President of Indian Society of Haematology for the year 2018-19.
He is the first Odia who has been assigned this huge responsibility.  Prof Jena is the founder member and of secretary Eastern Haematology Group which is a professional body involved in outreaching every past of eastern India with a latest developments in hematological diseases and providing best health care to the patients suffering from blood diseases.
 Prof. Jena has been involving himself with premier International Hematological Societies of Hematology like American Society of Haematology and European Haematology Association for collaboration with the Indian society of Hematology for facilitating  the developments and upgradation of knowledge / technology/ Patient care system  in India.
After being elected as president, Dr.Jena said, ‘I will try to strengthen the collaboration of Indian society of hematology with the international societies and work strongly for development of hematology and implementation of new technologies in the entire country and specially Odisha.’
He is supporting many blood cancer patients and Hemophiliapatients by providing free medicines worth several crores   each year like Glevac and Factor VIII and IX concentrates which is   supported by Max Foundation and World Hemophilia federation respectively.
Recently Ministry of Health and Family welfare (Blood Cell –NHM Division), Govt. of India has recognized the services of Dr. Jena  for preparation of guidelines for prevention and control of Thalassaemia, sickle Cell Disease etc) in India. He is also a member of the expert committee for preparation of national policy on Thalassaemia.