Paranormal expert from India

Sarbajeet is a certified Demonologist, Exorcist, Paranormal investigator, an Ordained Minister of a Meta Physical Church, Co-Founder of PAIRS India & a final year Engineering student. At, 21 years of age he has enough unique designations to his name to create an identity amongst 7.6 billion people.

It was a sultry afternoon at OdishaLIVE Bhubaneswar office & all eyes were waiting for just one person. Much to the astonishment of everyone, he reached at sharp 2:30 as promised, a level of punctuality not known in Indian standards. The biggest surprise was that he wore no colourful spiritual rings or any sort of jewellery and was a lean short guy ready to share his numerous ghost exploration stories. A sense of positivity gripped the entire office with his confidence & self-belief.

Sarbajeet Mohanty: His Childhood Fear

As a kid, everyone dreams to make it big in their life either in the field of Engineering, Medical science, Research, A Soldier or any well-known profession, very few dare to try something new & one out of billions think of doing wonders to create a change in the society. Sarbajeet is amongst those one in billion who took the road deserted not even less travelled by and that made all the difference to his life.

Sarbajeet Mohanty
Sarbajeet with his haunted Ouija Board.

Sarbajeet like any other normal kid had a decent upbringing. But there was a fear lurking in his mind, the fear against darkness, the fear that somebody is constantly watching him & somebody is around him. Instead of bowing down, he stood up & fought against his greatest fear and at a tender age of 15, he started his research as a curious teenager about Paranormal Activity. Till 18 he sourced all related articles & information on paranormal activity & ghosts and at 18 he became an Ordained Minister after completing his online course at New Life Ministry Church School, Ohio, USA. He is also the Co-founder of PAIRS (Parapsychology and Investigations Research Society) India, a registered society with Government of India.

Normal & Paranormal

“When Psychology reaches its limit, that’s when Para Psychology comes into action”

Unlike other paranormal investigators who try to create a fear in the minds of people regarding ghosts & spirits, the main aim of Sarbajeet and his team of paranormal investigators is to bring light into darkness. He has fought against his biggest fear & is on a mission to help others come out of the same darkness.

“Around 90% of the cases that have come to the notice of me & my team are an instance of residual haunting, where there is only emotions that strike your mind not any form of negative energy”, Sarbajeet

Meetup Organised by PAIRS India.

He organises regular meetups for the common man with a very nominal registration fee to create awareness amongst people about paranormal activity & to help them overcome the fear against such beliefs & cases of residual haunting. According to the Minister of Meta Physical church, often out of curiosity people ask him to do an analysis of their life, but being clear with his mission, he never takes up such explorations where there is meagre speculation but no concrete evidence of any negative energy.

Paranormal Investigation

Energy as defined by Paranormal Experts

Any sort of ghosts or paranormal activity, as mentioned by normal public is called as energy in the paranormal world. The energy can either be positive or negative, yes you heard it right, positive energies do exist. To locate such energies, which are electromagnetic in nature, he & his team use a variety of devices known to the paranormal world. Their functions can be easily searched in Google, so without elaborating in detail we will just list down the devices:-

K2 Meter used in Paranormal Investigation
K2 Meter blinking light during an investigation.
  • K2 Meter
  • Ghost Meter
  • EDI
  • Full Spectrum Cameras & Go Pro
  • EVP Recorder
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • EMP Pump

Like traditional process where there is a ritualistic & superstitious approach towards such issues, PAIRS takes a more scientific approach without any colourful rings, rituals or any traditional/spiritual jewellery. Right from his first investigation at the age of 16 without any proper device, at 18 when he started using proper devices to till date, his experience says mostly negative energies are highly active in areas which have witnessed a large scale massacre be it natural or man-made.

“Even though Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan is touted as one of the most haunted places in India & Worldwide, I have experienced much more powerful negative energies at different lesser known places across the country”

I have done a lot of investigations, but every case is different and based on the situation I take a call on my next step. Only once in my life I have taken a back step considering the safety of my crew, where I felt the negative energy was much powerful to deal with & yes it was not in Bhangarh Fort. I clearly felt an intuition that this is something which was beyond my control considering the situation at ground zero I decided to retrieve. Other than this instance, I have never backed out or left an investigation un-solved. Later on, after consulting other paranormal experts in Australia & Europe, it was revealed that the symbols at the haunted place were that of a demon rarely found in the Asian sub-continent.

His Mission & How to Reach PAIRS?

The 21 year old demonologist is on a bigger mission to eradicate un-wanted superstitious beliefs across the nation which is not only a road block for development but also a major hindrance for social prosperity. His team of experts consists of Pooja Vijay, Apoorva Ghatge, Jignesh Unadkat, Dhwanil Mehta, Rahul Singh, Naren, CK Bisht, Nidhi Bharadwaj, Savio Furtado & Swati Khutari who belong to diverse backgrounds but are united by a common goal of vanquishing superstition and helping the possessed people across the hinterlands of India.

Pooja Vijay
PAIRS Co-Founder Pooja Vijay.

PAIRS doesn’t entertain meagre speculations but if you feel the need, do attend one of their meet ups which they organise every month at different locations of the country. Sarbajeet & PAIRS work on concrete evidence or if they find something fishy & feel their presence is required then they never hesitate to become the heroes without uniforms. Follow PAIRS Facebook page and follow their events to stay updated regarding their next meetup. They do have a small documentation process before they proceed with any investigation relating to privacy agreements & other legal formalities.

PAIRS is a Non-profit organisation and for any investigation they do outside the geographical territory of the assigned team member, they charge for the travel & stay allowance only, followed by any amount of donation which the client offers based on their financial convenience.

Few of the Team Members from PAIRS India

PAIRS has come a long way in its area of expertise to ensure the mission of its Co-founder is fulfilled. But they can’t afford to relax, because in order to make their mission a success story, they need to gather a lot of energetic people in their team who can go to every nook & corner of the nation to spread the message of bringing light into darkness & to help others fight against their fear rather than letting fear triumph over them. Sarbajeet is truly an inspiration and also a role model for today’s youth, not because of his profession but because he fought against his fear & is on a mission to help others overcome their.

One last note just to clarify a very common misconception as said by Sarbajeet:

“Spirits never enter a human body but become an attachment”


  1. Great Going Team PAIRS. May you achieve the goals set by you all of removing the darkness of fear, superstition, negative energies and guide people towards light.

  2. Keep it up PAIRS. May God bless u all in ur investigations and may u all reach the pinnacle of glory by bringing awareness among the masses.