Aditi Panda

Despite sky rocketing prices women will be thronging the shops to buy the yellow metal this Dhanteras

Sugar free mithai and foreign chocolates have replaced the conventional sweets and salty snacks made at home while hassle free candles are lighted as a substitute for the customary oil lamps. However there is still one tradition that remains an all time favourite inspite of the soaring prices and that is buying gold or silver on the auspicious day of Dhanteras. Bringing the yellow metal on the first day of Diwali is considered very auspicious as it ushers prosperity all through the year. This year Dhanteras falls on the 16th of October.
The strong bond and attraction between gold and women has been age-old. Actually gold ornaments were gifted by parents during their marriage as Stree-Dhan, as an asset to bank upon during hard times. Buying gold on the auspicious day of Dhanteras is followed traditionally in north India and also in the west of the country but in the recent times, the trend is religiously followed throughout the country.
On Dhanteras purse strings loosen to buy gold, silver and diamond. “White salaried like us cannot afford buying new ornament every year as there are many Diwali expenses like gifts and clothes. So the next best option is to swap the old jewellery and add value to it with a little buy as add-on, but we strongly believe that buying gold ushers prosperity to the family and never let go of this tradition” gushes Mona Chaudhury, a homemaker.
Women love buying jewellery under any pretext and during Diwali the demand reaches its peak. Earlier the status of a woman was gauged by the weight of the gold she was wearing, but not anymore due to unaffordable prices and increasing thefts. But when it comes to the customary Diwali Shagun, nothing can stop the purchase of gold.
With the impending festival of Dhanteras, jewellery shop owners are anticipating big business and are introducing new offers and schemes to lure customers. Even the private and public sector banks are busy peddling gold coins hoping to cash in on the festive enthusiasm.
“With the surging price of gold, people are ordering lightweight gold jewellery as it costs less than the heavy ornaments. Usually there is a big rush during Diwali and especially on Dhanteras.To attract more customers we always design some exclusive and unique designer collections with tempting discounts and offers” said Sanjay Sethi, a city-based jeweller.
On Dhanteras, people also buy silver in the form of coins, utensils or some jewellery if gold is beyond their budget. It is also strongly believed that buying utensils increases wealth and prosperity to the family. People in business also buy metallic oil lamps to flourish there business and bells to bring in peace.
“Buying gold is in fact a good investment and is considered lucky as well as a family trend so no matter what the rates are this Dhanteras, we will be investing in gold as well as a few utensils” said Itishree Rath, a government employee.
According to our mythology, Dhanteras is spent in worshipping Lord Yama to provide prosperity and well being. May this Dhanteras bring a lot of prosperity and happiness in the lives of all the readers of OdishaLIVE. Happy Dhanteras and a very happy Diwali.
(Aditi is a freelance writer and pursues interest in the area of social issues)


  1. On Dhanteras it’s auspicious to buy any metal for that matter. Earlier I used to buy silver coins or utensils but this time planned for gold jewellery. Dhanteras is a favourite excuse for all to get some jewellery apart from birthdays and Anniversaries.

  2. It is not so binding that one will observe Dhanteras by buying the precious metals. Any other metal can be purchased with lesser budget. Most important thing is to make the Avahan puja of Goddess Laxmi &Lord Ganesh with all sincerity.

  3. I have never bought any gold or anything On Dhanteras..actually I have never celebrated Dhanteras..actually I knew today is Dhanteras after reading your article

    On whatsup from nivedita acharya , bhubaneswar

  4. Festivals in India originated with the prime intention of evolving humans. It was always supposed to connote the victory of overcoming our base and therefore impure afflictions with something pure. Gold or for that matter any pure metal symbolises one’s inherent purity that is precisely the reason why it is utilised in all rituals and pujas. So instead of running over to purchase gold during festivals one should strive to turn one’s accumulated rust into gold. That is to cleanse the self and maintain it throughout the year. Instead, what most of us do is seek material benedictions, and use these auspicious period solely to further one’s financial standing. Interestingly, the only person laughing all the way to the bank is the gold seller, the jeweller in this case, who is already a rich man ???. Indian traditions, the ancient ones, have been twisted to suit market forces and capitalism, that’s why everything gets expensive during festivals when in fact it should be affordable even for the poorest of the poor. No wonder the rich get richer and the poor, poorer. So instead of increasing the gold reserves one should try and increase the purity within. That’s what this festival stands for. Wish all the readers a happy and prosperous festival of light. Bharat Chetty, pune on whatsup