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Millions of people around the world are served by multiple businesses and traders around the world. Thousands of people across the world are added daily as new mobile users and are gaining access to the internet. Very few people in India especially business houses have realised the potential of Facebook and social media to take their business forward. This was the discussion point at the business session ‘Socially Active – Using Facebook to Generate Business’ on the third day of the 33rd IATO Annual Convention at Temple City Bhubaneswar.
Kush Sagar, Head of Business Development, Facebook South Asia, speaking at the conclave said that more than 80% of people have moved from their laptop / computer to their Smartphone. We need to go mobile and explore the potential of mobile apps and Facebook to capture your target audience. One can also have cross audience posts and multi language post through Facebook with the click of a button, he added. He talked at length about business targeting and leads.
Nalini Singh, Senior Growth Manager, Facebook South Asia, the second speaker of the day gave insights into various business tools offered by Facebook. She spoke about targeted ads, managing page traffic, having connect with your target audience, using Facebook messenger for business and other such tools.
Nalini further informed that Instagram stories are a big hit around the world and fast catching the attention of Indian consumers. She talked about using Facebook, Instagram, facebook’s partner websites and even Whatsapp for business generation. She talked about case studies of companies engaging Facebook and its partner websites to generate business.
The key takeaways from the business interactive session summarised by Kush Sagar were:
We need to go mobile in order to capture our audience, we have to be passionate and drive real business using Facebook and lastly but more importantly one must understand the customer and make informed decisions based on their online behaviour aided by Facebook for business.


  1. True. Every business today should plan to connect with the target audience through mobile phones and apps. Because smart devices are being extensively used by people of all generations. Moreover, Social Media like Facebook and WhatsApp can not only help in branding and customer connect but also in generating a great deal of leads if done properly.