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NRIs showering Joy and laughter on the life of less fortunate children of the Temple City

Every year in the month of May/June, a group of NRIs settled in Singapore visit their motherland to spend a good time with the under privileged kids of the country. They name it nothing but ‘family affair’  and bring their family members and close friends for this unique summer vacation plan in India.

“Family affair is an informal group of individuals with a heart to bring smile on the faces of under privileged children. We have been visiting India every year during this time and spend about ten days in a city engaging ourselves with local children ” says Dr. Vijayan Loganathan, a Singapore based dentist.

The group had chosen Bhubaneswar as the destination for 2017 and organised a ten day long camp for children at Koraput Bhawan in old city which concluded recently. They partnered with Ruchika Foundation to locate the under privileged children from different slums in the city. ‘Family affair’ started this initiative in 2007 with Bengaluru as the first destination. In the past ten years it had hosted summer training camp for children in different cities of India like Trivandrum, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kanchipuram, Trichy.

“We are Indians by origin and settled in Singapore for generations. When people visit different places on vacation we thought why don’t we spend time with less fortunate children during our annual break. It is like giving back to our motherland while also enjoying a vacation at some place in India” said Sounini Nair, a member of ‘family affair’

This 10 day long project includes host of activities like Outings, Picnic, Visit to a theme park, and Movie chosen by the children attending the camp. They also learn different life skills and culture during the whole day run programs.

“It is a good summer camp for us as we learnt Yoga, Social manners and making of different items like friendship bands, Krish face-masks, T-Shirt painting ” said miss Chhabirani Hembram, a smart kid from a less privileged slum of the smart city.

“We enjoyed the camp very much. We all went to watch Bahubali 2 movie and spent good time in Nicco Park. They  also taught us on hand washing before dining, how to make different paper crafts and small articles” rejoiced Surjya Nayak while sharing his experience with OdishaLIVE.

All expenses including materials for activities, food, transportation and accommodation is borne by the team of ‘family affair’ with donations from their peers in Singapore. The project is done with the help of the host organisation volunteers and ‘family affair’ team because they believe that it is a collective and collaborative effort.

“The objective of this program is to have Cultural Exchange, Foster Communication, Enhancing Motor Skills through various activities, Developing Leadership Skills, Imparting knowhow to develop a small Cottage Industry, imbibing values of Equality, Togetherness, Respect, Love and Compassion for the less fortunate of the society” said Dr. Loganathan, Founder of ‘family affair’ while saying good bye to OdishaLIVE reporting team.


  1. What can I do to join your benevolent group, in order for me to come to India annually, to contribute to the scheme financially, as well as be there to help in whatever way I can. Seems like those children have a hope, after all. My name Asokan Nair, and I emigrated to the UK from Singapore, via India in 1974. I was born in Singapore in 1957, and studied there until 1971, when we went to Ooty. Please send me the link to join your group. Thank you, I’d like to help.

    • Shri Asokan Nair, Thanks for your comment and interest to support the benevolent work of Singapore based organisation ‘family affair’. We have passed on your message and contact to Dr. Vijayan. – Team OdishaLIVE

  2. Team OdishaLIVE appreciates the noble initiative of Dr. Vijayan and his group ‘family affair’. We hope such stories will inspire others, especially the NRIs residing across various parts of the globe to come forward and give back to their motherland. OdishaLIVE, a unique digital media platform from India further invites NRIs to write on their success stories, community programmes, social and innovative activities being conducted by them at various overseas and Indian locations, which can inform and inspire many, worldwide.

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  3. Wow.. have been part of family affair but missed out this year.. there is nothing better than being part of those innocent lives.. even if it’s for 10 days !! So proud of you all.. peace

  4. I congratulate Mr.Vijayan sir and the team members. You are doing a great job. All the children are benefitted in the 11th summer camp. I am realise it. The children will have acquired good character & self confidence. The 10 days experience will have impressed them. I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Vijayan loganathan founder of “Family affair” & to all good hearted people. Your service will continue successfully in future, i pray to God sincerely for it. Your service is an example for all others