Aditi Panda

Festivals get by reduction sales and bargain offers to tempt the customers and augment the happiness and pleasure to the celebrations

As we usher Navratri festivities and with Dussehra around the corner it’s a common sight to see the markets swamped with all sorts of festive sales. Be it the online biggies, the huge malls or the small shopkeepers from the local markets, everybody wants to cash on this best time to make maximum sales.
The common attitude in India during the major local festivals is to indulge in impulsive shopping hoping to strike a good deal. Though on line shopping has slowly paved its way in the lives of a typical Indian consumer, value for money is still utmost and main motive that a discount sale has, to catch the attention of our growing middle class. Festivals mean gifting and shopping for many and for others it is a perfect time for picking up stuff because of its array and affordability.
Says Sarbashree Patro, a boutique owner, “Bulk purchases are mandatory for gifting to family as well as our business staff and that’s where these discount sales help to get good deals that do not put a big dent in our pockets. Moreover the alluring bargains offer a plethora of choices and the latest fashion trends from around the country .It the best time to stock the boutique to cater to customers in the forthcoming months as we get more discounts on volume purchase.”
The traders rake in profits and sometimes dispose old stock. Big shopping malls to small shops offer huge discounts and exchange offers on apparel, durables and electronic gadgets. The festive season lasts approximately three to four months. People are on a shopping extravaganza and in order to draw them we give them attractive discounts.
“Online discounts by popular brands have created an impact on our sales but even then there are traditional customers who want to feel and see the quality, colour and features of their purchase.” said Akash Nanda, who has his own store.
Nandini Mishra, a buyer, says, “Online shopping and bargains are available all through the year but the Durga Puja and Diwali frenzy comes once in a year. It’s not only shopping and getting tempting offers that count but the quality time spent with friends and family; shop hopping, eating chat and ice cream, flustering the salesman for more discounts and making him show more, the leg pulling all changes your mood, wipes away the stress and peps you to attack the daily routine after the festive season gets over.”
Browsing around local markets and bargain sale offers in the ethnic enclaves to the swanky supermarkets makes the festive celebration more animated and enthralling. In spite of all the pros and cons, bargain sales and festivals are synonymous so just let go and strike the most excellent deals and spread happiness around.
(Aditi is a freelance writer and pursues interest in the area of social issues)


  1. Wow di amazingly described….even to me this festival means a lot…the charm and the spirit of this season is totally unique….n ya it’s true that we are being blinded by these modern trends that we forget to value our local markets….n the way u described the happiness we get by shopping by going to shops is really true and awesome…n ya whatever u r doing just keep doing because it brings out ur passion and it reflects in your work…with love and support Ruchi..?

    Sent on whatsup by Ruchi Rajguru,Mumbai

  2. Typical sales gimmicks during festivals. People get carried away and end up buying more than they bargained for.

    Sent on whatsup by Bharat Chetty, Pune