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 Recently Election Commission orders 26 lakh bottle of indelible ink for Lok Sabha polls

During the period of election Indian people are excited to cast their votes. As per the rule of election commission the electoral ink, indelible ink, electoral stain or phosphoric ink which is  a semi –permanent dye color is applied to the fore finger of voters during the election to avoid the fraud or multiple votes by the same person.

indelible ink

Election commission orders 26 lakh indelible ink bottles total worth Rs.33 crore for Lok Sabha polls 2019. The Mysore paints and Varnish Ltd. are the two government undertaking company at Karnataka, only authorized manufacture of indelible ink for election. Mysore paints exports indelible ink to more than 30 countries round the world.

Chandrasekhar Doddamani, Managing Director of Mysore paints said that the company received an order 26 lakh bottle of 10 cc each from the election commission. Nearly 10 lakh polling stations across the India and more than 90 crore people are eligible to cast their vote. 2019 election is higher than last time general election.

indelible ink

According to the history, in 1962, Election Commission in collaboration with Law of Ministry and National Physical Laboratory and National Research Development Corporation had made an agreement with Mysore paints for supply of indelible ink for Lok Sabha and Assembly election. The ink was used first time in third general election of India.

Indelible ink is made of a chemical compound called Silver Nitrate. The ink when applied to the skin and exposed to ultraviolet light leaves a mark that is almost impossible to wash off.

indelible ink

Maharaja Krishnaraj Wadiyar IV, known to be one of the richest person all over the world the manufacturer and founder of the Mysore paints & varnish Ltd has first started the organization in the year 1937

Report By Ranjita Dhal