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Each moment of our lives, we deal with stress of relationships, ugly fights, loss of jobs, health problems and various other struggles.One wonders what could be a single and cost-effective remedy to allay all these difficult times. The adorable statue of Buddha which is smiling always is one of the best gifts you can give to your near and dear ones for their happy and stress-free life. Itis believed that Laughing Buddha brings luck, happiness, prosperity and also takes away your worries and financial crises.

The way buddha smilesis an immediate mood lifter. He is always happy; thereby the name is ‘Laughing Buddha’. We find these statues almost everywhere. Like at homes, offices, restaurants, business establishments and so on. One can recognize the Laughing Buddha statue by his big fat tummy, bald head and by that cute face.

Meaning of various Statues

Money bag traveling Buddha: This statue is the symbol of good health, healing and longevity. It can be placed in the east sector of your house for family’s health and luck and can place it in south sector for wealth and luck.

Five children with Laughing Buddha:This statue is a symbol of creativity and full of happy life and it works great especially for children. You can place it in the west sector of your house.

Sitting on dragon tortoise: If you have any career issues and don’t get any solution, then you can place this Buddha statue north of your living room

Don’t place Laughing Buddha statue in kitchen, bathroom or on the floor. Place your favorite Laughing Buddha in bedroom, main entrance or dining area for windfall of money and luck. Place it on office desk for success in work place. Protect your travel with a Laughing Buddha statue on the vehicle. This will surely bring all good news and luck from your travel. Students can also placea statue on their study room or on their desk to achieve their goals in studies.

(Story: Manisha Nanda; Edit: Sriram Singh Rattan)